Why 2012Edit

Currently 2012-04-10 is still the official supported client by rAthena. Setting this up will be less of a hasle, however there are a bunch of cons. No cash shop and no Rebellion class support.

Table of Content 2012-04-10 ClientEdit

  1. Private Offline Server
    1. Getting started
    2. Setting up the server
    3. Setting up the client
    4. Connecting
    5. Translating to English
  2. Private Online Server
    1. Getting started
    2. Using ShinsDiffPatcher
    3. Setting up the server
    4. Setting up the client
    5. Connecting
    6. Setting up Patch host
    7. Port forwarding
  3. Stand alone guide to Translating
    1. msgstringtable.txt
    2. Translated LUA-LUB
    3. Hexing
    4. English buttons
  4. Customizing
    1. Custom mobs
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