Custom mobsEdit

Here I'll tell you how to add custom mobs for your server.

Whats neededEdit

Before you can start implementing custom mobs you need a few things, listed below.

  • Custom mob .act and .spr files
  • Shinsdiffpatcher
  • Datainfo containing lua files
  • Jobname.lua
  • Npcidentity.lua
  • Mob_db2
  • Increased mob database

Custom mob .act and .spr filesEdit

You can get these all over the internet but for your convenience i'll add my own library for download with svn. Create a new folder named custommobcollection. Rightclick the folder and select SVN Checkout. Click on this link and  copy it into your svn checkout window. You will now download my library, be sure to update once a week to get moe custom mobs.


In order for your client to read lua files you need to enable read lua before lub. Start WeeDiffPatcher, and select the standard client.exe. Under select patch engine you pick WeeDiffGenerater v1.0.2. After loading your recommended settings check load LUA before LUB. Now click patch it. TBA

Datainfo containing lua files.Edit

When you downloaded the translated lub files you recieved an extra map called src. Open this map and copy luafiles514 to your data folder inside your ro folder. If you aleady have a luafiles514 in you data folder rename it to originalluafiles514, then copy.


Navigate to [RO/data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo] Find the txt file named jobname.lua and open it using a simple text editor. We are going to create a Cowring. Scroll all the way down, notice that the last entry in the file does not end with , so after "TREASUREBOX_2.gr2" we are going to add a , so it looks like this "TREASUREBOX_2.gr2",   Press enter then tab and add this line [jobtbl_JT_COWRING] = "COWRING" Close and save.


Navigate to [RO/data/luafiles541/lua files/datainfo] Find the text file named npcidentity.lua and open it using a simple text editor. We are going to the next phase of adding a cowring. Scroll all the way down, notice that again the last entry doesnt end with , so we are going to add it again like we did in the previous file. Now add this line ["JT_COWRING"] = 2600  Close and save.


Now go to your rAthena folder and navigate to [rAthena/db] Find the file mob_db2.txt and open it. Above the line // rAthena Dev Team type the following, //my custom mobs press enter and add this line.


Close and save. Congratulations, you just added your 1st custom mob. For more info refer to this guide.

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