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Getting startedEdit

Before you get started you'll need a couple of things.

KRo downloads pic

kRo download pic



You'll need a clean RO folder. To get it go to

Download the latest release of the kRo client. Release dates are marked as red text. Download links will be provided below the red text in the same box. Use the kRo download pic image as a reference. Once you have downloaded all the .rar files create a new folder named Ragnarok. Open the Ragnarok folder and create a new folder named RO. Next unpack all the .rar files in the newly created RO folder.

Tortoise GITEdit

You will need this program to download the server files you'll need to run Ragnarok on your own server. You can download Tortoise GIT here . After downloading run the setup. And you'll be ready to start downloading from the rAthena repository.


Create a new folder anywhere but preferably in your Ragnarok folder. Name this folder rAthena. Rightclick this folder and select "Git Create repository here..." A new window will pop up, leave the checkbox unchecked and press OK.

Now Rightclick on the folder and select "TortoiseGIT." From the drop down menu select "Pull..." A new window will open. In this window check "Arbitrary URL:" Now you will have the provide a link in the textbox next to it. Please copy/paste the following link into the textbox  and press OK

Once the download is complete press "Close" and you will have your server files present once you open the folder.

Visual Studio
VisualStudio Express

VisualStudio Download reference


To start your server you'll actually need to compile it. You do this by installing Microsofts Visual Studio. Preferably the latest version. You can download the free version here. The Express 2013 Windows Desktop version is the one you want.


I'm busy so for now use this guide. Note that there is no real reason to change the user id (s1/p1) unless you intend to bring your server online

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