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Renewal Ragnarok featuring rAthena. The wikia to be, for the latest guides about setting up your private server on Windows. Guide checked to be working at 28-12-2013

What ReRo is all aboutEdit

In this wiki I'll create a step by step guide for setting up a Ragnarok server. For this wiki I will only use data provided by rAthena. And I will only deal with Renewal Ragnarok. This wiki is primarily used by me for my own reasearch notes. And all data I take from other sources will be credited to whom I believe the original creaters/developers are.

Table of ContentsEdit

This will be its own page in the near future to save space on the main page .

  1. 2012-04-10 Client Guide -- Working but needs a new layout.
  2. 2013 client- guides in the making.
  3. Standalone Installation guides.
  4. Source Modding.
  5. Creating Custom Items.

ReRo Wiki's sourcesEdit

  1. Innitial coding and service provider - rAthena forums
  2. Ragnarok clean install - Ratemyserver
  3. Installation guides - rAthena wiki - Judas' Bible
  4. ShinsDiffPatcher - Ai4rei's Tools - Rytechs client tools

Download sectionEdit

Since a lot of people asked me to provide them with some download links. I thought, why not make a download page! So if you wanne check out what I have been able to find on the web during my struggle. Click here to go to the download section.

Special thanksEdit

I just wanne say thank you to some special people. These people either helped me set up this wiki or provided the information supplied by ReRo Wiki.

  • Judas
  • Nanakiwurtz
  • Shinryo
  • Ai4rei
  • Syouji

Latest activityEdit

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